Sprinklers & Rainguns

Our in-house manufactured sprinklers and rainguns are particularly suited to high risk soils where, for example, contour is sloping greater than 7°, there is impeded drainage, or where soil moisture content is relatively high.

  • May be used with water or effluent.
  • Manufactured with fully galvanised base frames of robust and easy to handle design.

Effluent Sprinklers

Our sprinklers are used in systems with single or multiple sprinkler heads.
They provide gentle low intensity application of 4-8mm/hr for enhanced soil absorption on all soil types.

  • Utilises Senninger™ 80-Series sprinkler heads having low wear, reduced blockage, and excellent UV and chemical resistance.
  • Galvanised base to suit 63mm or 75mm drag hoses (2" or 2½" bore).
  • Flow range 5400 to 20,800 l/hour per unit.
  • Operating pressure range 2.4 to 5.3 bar (35-75 PSI).
  • Wetted diameter 30-60m.

Effluent Rainguns

Our rainguns provide gentle low intensity application of 5-10mm/hr for enhanced soil absorption on all soil types.

  • Utilises Sime™ Synkro or Ranger raingun head having low wear and reduced blockage.
  • Operates in a full circle or part circle with slow return, giving uniform distribution in the coverage area.
  • Galvanised skid frame to suit 75 - 100mm drag hoses (2½ - 4" bore).
  • Flow range 6,600 to 114,000 l/hour.
  • Pressure range 1.5 to 6.9 bar (22-100 PSI).
  • Wetted diameter 60 to 130m.

Download Effluent Sprinklers Brochure

Download Effluent Raingun Brochure


Reid & Harrison Sprinklers & Rainguns


Reid & Harrison Sprinklers & Rainguns


Benefits of Reid & Harrison Services:

Experienced staff who have specialist effluent industry knowledge.

Reid & Harrison business roots goes back over 60 years.

The Matamata factory has full fabrication, machining and stainless capabilities.

We carry a wide and extensive range of spare parts.

Our field crew are a no nonsense, hardworking team.

Accredited farm dairy effluent system design if required.